Monthly Archives: March 2010

Happy, Happy Easter!

This year Easter will be twice the fun for this family… You see–two weeks ago, they welcomed two new members to their family. Mr. A and Miss E–together they were a whopping 9 lbs. 10 oz., with Mr. A being the smaller one at 4 lbs. 8 oz. and Miss A at 5 lbs. 2… Read more »

Oh How I Love this Age!

Miss G did not disappoint… She was such a trooper. Big smiles with her two little teeth, sitting so tall, while putting everything she could reach in her mouth. LOL! I love this age for all those reasons. First, we got a little in her Easter dress… Then we tried her little springy dress and… Read more »

Flower Baby!

My latest baby planner has recently turned 7 months and just keeps getting cuter and cuter. According to mom she is Miss Social and I can vouch for that… She let me hold her and even gave me a little lovin’! So sweet! Easy-going too. Mom had a bunny for our session. How sweet is… Read more »

Today is the first day of Spring??

Wow! You’d never know it, huh? It’s freezing! Kind of crazy after the past several nice days we’ve had. I hear it’s the last ‘freeze’ so that’ll be good for those that want to start those flowers and yard stuff. I can’t wait for green–ready for some spring pictures! Well, I’m pretty much rambling… I… Read more »

Already ONE!

I can’t believe my sweet little Miss K is already ONE! Wow, where did the year go? I still remember how excited her mommy was when I got to come that first time… And every time since then! You see, Miss K’s mommy is my cousin, so when we were younger we were basically unseperable…. Read more »

Abundance of Grace…

Well, her name is Grace and I have an abundant amount of pics to share… She was such a sweet, dainty thing. I love to hear new parents gush about their love for the newborn in their life–so neat! It’s like they’re in love all over again and I am ever so grateful to capture… Read more »

All 19 lbs. of Him!

I have this group of clients that all work together. They’re awesome L&D nurses at one of the local hospitals and they continue to spread the love to new people–I am so grateful for them! Today I got to meet one of their fellow co-workers and her family. Our main focus was Mr. E–he’s 6… Read more »

8 Days Old

I still remember the day that Momma R called me to tell me she wanted me to capture the first year of her new baby… I asked her when the baby was due and she replied with March–that was 6 months ago, before she even knew that Baby D was a boy. And today I… Read more »

All 10 lbs of Her!

Oh my goodness… I met the squishiest, sweetest baby girl today. I think I wub her! She was so good and just so cute with her little rolls. Mom and I have known each other for many years actually and when I heard she was having a baby girl after two boys I couldn’t wait… Read more »