All 10 lbs of Her!

Oh my goodness… I met the squishiest, sweetest baby girl today. I think I wub her! She was so good and just so cute with her little rolls. Mom and I have known each other for many years actually and when I heard she was having a baby girl after two boys I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to photograph her…

Look at this adorable thing…

Love this face!

Simple, but oh so sweet!

Daddy had a great idea to use the flowers–I think it was a pretty good idea!

Some mommy lovin’!

Can you see sweet baby smiling at daddy?

Beaming parents…

Thank you G family! Next time we’ve got to get those big brothers in some pics when biggest brother isn’t at school–just let me know and we’ll sneak some in!

2 Responses to “All 10 lbs of Her!”

  1. Laura

    this baby makes me want to have another one! precious, and I love your new backdrops, so cute!! Love your pics!

  2. Jill Cornelius

    Thank you Laura! She was really sweet and easy!

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