Monthly Archives: March 2009

Remember this little guy?

My new nephew? Well, he needs your prayers… He’s just been admitted for a transfusion. Something very similar to what we went through with Maddie when she was a newborn. They haven’t diagnosed him yet, but hopefully they figure it out real soon. Maddie’s diagnosis actually was a weight off our shoulders and it’s genetic,… Read more »

Spring Break has come and gone!

And I’m sad to say that I only took pictures on one day of our outings! Monday, we ventured to the zoo with the triplets, but I never took my camera out of the bag. Tuesday, we had lunch and went to the park with some friends. Wednesday, I photographed my sweet, new nephew as… Read more »

Such a little man!

Today I got the honor of photographing my new nephew… He was absolutely precious. He definitely made us work for what we got, but in the end, it was all worth it. I think we were all sweating after this shoot. We ended just in time for his next feeding! He’s a little guy… Kind… Read more »


I don’t think I’ve posted a collage lately… I try to make one with every session. Since I can’t keep myself from editing Miss K’s newborn portraits (and I have other sessions ahead of her-whoops!),I made a collage–then I’ll resume editing the other session I have ahead of her–just needed my baby fix for the… Read more »

Worth the drive…

Today I braved the rains, winds and had a little road trip to go meet this family’s newest member. And let me tell you… It was worth the drive and weather! She was absolutely precious… I’m feel like I’m really getting my knack with newborns–granted I always leave thinking of ‘poses’ I should have done… Read more »

The ‘L’ Girls…

Today I had the pleasure of meeting the ‘L’ girls. They were so sweet; I loved the relationship big sis and lil sis had. You could tell they truly admired each other… Now the wind on the other hand wasn’t so sweet. You know what they say about March Winds… Well, they weren’t tame, that’s… Read more »


…spells FIVE! Finally got around to editing a few of Mr. C’s sister’s pics for her birthday invite. I’m going to do something similar to another invite I posted a few weeks back. I’m sure you recognize the letters! She was so funny… She was singing to me and telling me stories while we were… Read more »