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11 Days New || Newborn Photographer, Rockwall, TX

Sweet baby J!  He’s the new nephew of a co-worker of mine and a doll baby at that.  Just wait until you see his little faux hawk… Such a cutie and precious little man.  Had so much fun posing and playing with this little guy.  He was such a good sleeper, we were able to… Read more »

Cheese! || Baby Photographer, Dallas Arboretum

Momma told me that when little man smiled, he stuck out his tongue…  So cute!  And those dimples.  You guys–absolutely adorable.  He reminds me of big sis when we did her baby plan, but then again, he has his own look.  The Arboretum was overflowing with people this past weekend, pumpkins, you know, but we… Read more »

A Pony for Her Birthday || Baby Photographer, Parker Rose Garden

Well, that’s what I think she was asking her daddy for in one of my fav pics…  I promise you, she was posing asking for one.  So cute!  And there you have it. Another baby planner is ONE!  It was a beautiful night that wasn’t too hot.  Big brother was along for some fun shots–the… Read more »

Gorgeous Parents, Adorable Kids and A Fluffy Pup || Newborn Photographer, Keller, TX

Yesterday I got to meet an adorable family…  They have the cutest little boy and now he is a big brother!  Oh and did I tell you, we got to capture her fur-sister with her too.  Swoon!  We were able to capture so many great shots yesterday.  I love newborn shoots, but love them even… Read more »

The Twins are Back! || Baby Photographer, Frisco, TX

Just wait until you see how beautiful these girls are…  They’ve always been gorgeous and each time I get to see them I’m amazed at how adorable they are!  They’re both just about sitting now, smiling at everyone they see and just loving their family.  We had fun recently capturing this newest stage and playing… Read more »

Beautiful Sunrise Session || Baby Photographer, Rockwall, TX

Sometimes getting up early is worth it!  Especially when you get light like this and a smiling cutie pie baby…  Mr. T is sitting so tall now.  He has grown so much since I met him at his newborn session.  When I showed up to this session, saw this little guy in his overalls, felt… Read more »

Birthday Boy! || Baby Photographer, Rockwall, TX

You guys…  Let me tell you…  Computer issues are the worst, but luckily I have a loaner to use so I’m able to share these super cute sneak peeks with you.  First up is Mr. L.  I photographed him a year ago shortly after he was born and now he is one.  I am loving… Read more »

So Loved… || Newborn Photographer, Rockwall, TX

Let me tell you…  This little red-headed handsome guy is so loved.  A blessing really to his family.  And I got to capture him at this stage of his life–a tiny newborn.  Welcome, Baby Z!  I think he was pretty excited to be here because he was wide awake for our session and just wanted… Read more »

Moving and Grooving || Baby Photographer, Greenville, TX

This sweet girl is just a moving and grooving now.  She kept us busy, but we made our session quick and moved right along to keep her busy.  My guess is that she’ll be walking in no time.  Sorry, momma–get ready for baby proofing!  Scratch that…  My guess is that you’ve already done that.  Isn’t… Read more »

Birthday Beauty || Baby Photographer, Frisco, TX

I’ve been on ‘vacation’ this week and just realized I never posted this sneak peek!  This sweet girl is one now and I can’t believe that happened so fast.  It feels like just yesterday I was coming to their house to capture her as a sweet newborn.  Big brother is quite the cutie too.  Those… Read more »