Monthly Archives: June 2010

Take Two!

Earlier this month Miss G was due for her 3 month session… Well, Miss G was just a little tired so we didn’t get to do all the fun stuff mom wanted to do. I’m sure you’ll recognize her from her past sneak peek–still precious pictures! However, today we timed it just right and were… Read more »


Degrees that is… It was a 102 degrees yesterday according to my vehicle when I arrived at this shoot. Thankfully there was a slight breeze and some shade to combat that heat. And Miss G rocked it… She was snoozing when she got there, but withing minutes this is what she gave me…Not bad for… Read more »

Double the cuteness…

Plus I met their big sister… Remember this shoot? Well, they’re now 3 months old and wow have they changed. They’re pretty darn cute and have such different looks. Brother is definitely more masculine (as masculine as a baby can get) and then sister is the little feminine one. Here is Mr. A and Miss… Read more »

Another Model Search Shoot

Recently I posted a sneak of a sneak from the 2nd model search contender that I had picked. Well, I’m finally getting around to posting a few more from our shoot. I’ve actually already presented the proofs to them, but I thought I’d still share a few more. Thank you Miss K! I had fun… Read more »

Gorgeous multiplied by two…

Yep–today I was photographing more gorgeous people. Miss C was due for her next session in her baby plan and this time she brought her big sister! We braved the heat for an early morning session, fed the ducks and managed to not fall into the water. 😉 I’m sure you’ll recognize Miss C. This… Read more »

Summer Facebook Fan Special!

If you’re not a fan of JC-Originals Photography yet on Facebook, be sure to ‘Like’ us to get updates on specials not offered on the blog. Current special just posted, so check it out… JC-Originals on Facebook Oh and if you currently don’t qualify for the special, refer someone… You’ll get free stuff in return!

Happy Father’s Day…

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there… Yesterday, this daddy became a father for a 3rd time. They welcomed a new little surprise into their family–a girl! Her big sister and brother are doing an awesome job. Meet Miss R!This is her proud brother and sister… I think this might be my fav!But… Read more »

Miss G is 3 months!

Here is part 2 of my sneak of a sneak the other day. Miss G was hiding her smiles, but I still think that we got some cute ones of the baby girl. We’re actually going to try some more stuff later this month and time it better… Here is a sampling of what we… Read more »

It was a hot one…

So the other night I posted the sneak of a sneak… Well, here is the rest of our sneak peek. Let me start by saying that it was a hot one–at 9 am too! It’s too bad that the Arboretum doesn’t open earlier (even if it was only open to photographers). But aside from all… Read more »

This week…

Quick note… I’m going to be ‘semi’ out of the office this week due to teaching VBS. I’ll answer emails and phone calls as I can, but please be patient while I’m away from the computer. Thanks guys! I’m running a hair behind on proofs too, but I’m whipping them out as I can. Can’t… Read more »