Monthly Archives: August 2015

Look who is blogging again! || Baby Photographer, Dallas Arboretum

I guess you could say that I took most the summer off from blogging…  It’s been a busy one though–sessions every week!  I’m gonna go out of order a tad, but meet Mr. J.  He is turning one soon and oh so cute!  We got lucky and even though it wasn’t hot, it was doable… Read more »

3 Weeks New || Newborn Photographer, Rockwall, TX

When I found out about Mr. L, he was already here, but I assured momma that we should be able to still get those sleepy, curled up poses.  Well, he was 3 weeks old by the time we did the session and he did not disappoint.  Such a sweet guy!

The Eyes || Baby Photographer, Dallas Arboretum

This little guy’s eyes are absolutely stunning!  And that hair too!  Such a handsome little man.  Can’t believe that the next time I see him, he will be sitting and probably crawling.  Love my little baby planners–they just grow too fast, gotta figure out a way to slow time down!

Baby Girl || Newborn Photographer, Dallas, TX

The blog has been pretty quiet lately, but it’s been nothing but quiet around here.  Lots of babies born in July, several baby planners catching up and families I’ve never met before.   Meet one of my latest baby planners–her family was on the blog recently for a maternity session and it wasn’t much longer and… Read more »