Monthly Archives: September 2011

Sitting so big!

Mr. R is now sitting like such a big boy–he has a great example though, his big brother! Mr. J loves his baby brother and it is so cute to see it. I’m sure you recognize Mr. J–he’s is a Baby Plan Graduate and now his baby brother is following in his footsteps. I always… Read more »

Pretty, blue-eyed, baby girl is ONE!

Remember Miss K from past sessions… Well today marked her last baby planner session. She’s one now! How did that happen? I can’t believe a year ago I was meeting all these babies for the first time as a newborn and now they’re all one now. Miss K has the biggest, prettiest blue eyes you’d… Read more »

A living doll…

She was… No doubt about it… Perfect little round face, porcelain skin with dark eyes, dark hair, a doll! I met her a year ago as a newborn and now she has turned one. Wow! It’s hard to believe they change so much in a year’s time. You can see her newborn session here. Hi,… Read more »

Happy 1st Birthday, Mr. J!

Today is his official birthday, so it was perfect timing to do his session last night. This big guy was one of my tiniest newborn sessions! He’s grown so much over the last year… I’ve enjoyed every session, Z Family, and look forward to seeing Mr. J next spring. I’m sure I’ll need to bring… Read more »