Monthly Archives: April 2012

Family of Five…

I met this family a little over 2 years ago when #3 had just joined their family! And let me tell you, they are just as sweet now as they were then. My oldest actually is in class with their oldest at church–small world, huh?! I enjoyed seeing you all and I hope you enjoy… Read more »

Future Ball Player

He’s got the long legs, so he’s on his way… Mr. A was another one of the newborns that is a dream to photograph. Asleep almost from the start, tolerated all the set changes, reposing and adjusting without rarely even flinching–Yeah, I could get used to sessions like that! Did I mention that I photographed… Read more »

Already 2!

I’ve known Miss KJ since she was just a wee one… About 8 months old! And she has the biggest vocabulary for a 2 year old than I have ever heard. Pretty darn cute! Isn’t she a doll? I wish I could record her talking and post it because it just is the icing on… Read more »

~~Allie~~Senior 2012!

I could have shot for hours with Miss Allie! She was so easy going, do whatever, and not to mention–gorgeous! We met up at one of my favorite spots to photograph seniors and had a blast. Absolutely love! And I hope you do too, Allie! Thank you!

Couldn’t have asked for a better session…

Miss A came ready to rock her one year session… She was dressed to the nines and full of smiles! Oh and did I mention the location was just as beautiful as she was–perfect weather too. Score! See for yourself… I was right, huh? Couldn’t have turned out any better!

Brothers by chance, friends for life…

These two were so cute! Their grandparents had brought over some rabbits from their farm and we got to use them in the shoot. Big brother was trying to be shy, but we managed to get some sillies out of him. Especially towards the end! And baby brother was just chill–taking in the scenery, took… Read more »