Monthly Archives: July 2012

Baby Bump!

I have another family member due this fall… My cousin is expecting his first with his wife–and it’s a boy! I actually have two other cousins expecting around the same time (they live in FL) and then my brother’s wife is due soon too. So many babies in the family! Okay, so on to the… Read more »

Little Peanut…

He was such a cute little peanut! Reminds me of two of mine–they were about his size at his age. He was such a good little model, sleeping, eating, sleeping more and no messes… Wait, no messes on my stuff (thank you Mr. H), but he did get mommy. Sorry, mommy! He also has a… Read more »

Peace out, baby!

That’s what Mr. N was saying by the end of our session… He was a trooper though! We grabbed as many shots as we could in between his snacks–he was a hungry, growing boy! Such a sweet little man… Thank you M Family—I enjoyed meeting the new little man in your life.

Mommy’s Mayflower has her daddy wrapped around her little finger…

Sweet baby girl was due this past Thursday (if I remember correctly), but she is already here–and has been since May! Her ‘fur’ brother is super happy to have her here too… He made his first appearance on my blog about 1.5 years ago, so you may recognize him. Meet Miss E and her loving… Read more »