Flower Baby!

My latest baby planner has recently turned 7 months and just keeps getting cuter and cuter. According to mom she is Miss Social and I can vouch for that… She let me hold her and even gave me a little lovin’! So sweet! Easy-going too.

Mom had a bunny for our session.

How sweet is that little smile??

Mommy & Carly time!

Love this 2nd pic…

I have to say she was mesmerized by my basket. We’d put her in and she would just look at it and check it out.

Perfect outfit for those pretty blues!

Little Flower Baby…

Remember how we tell when the session is over?? Well–here’s another indicator. LOL!

We wore the poor baby out! She was so good too, but when she was done–she was done. And off to take her nap!

Thank you C family! It’s so much fun to see Miss Carly grow up.

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