Monthly Archives: June 2009

I am BACK!

Well, the Mac ended up not being as sick as we thought… Thank God! It was just being a little testy and needed some new devices added. Whew! Lot less expensive than we were thinking. I’ve been hard at it today trying to catch up as fast as I can. I have several proofing sessions… Read more »

Falling oh so behind…

I’m still in the middle of computer troubles… The Mac actually went down for the count last night. We’re trying to get it up and running, but so far nothing today. We may actually be looking to get another one. It wasn’t exactly on the ‘list’ of need-to-buy, but it’s quickly rising to the top…. Read more »

Under the Weather…

So, not only did I bring a little cold home from teaching VBS last week, my computer picked up something also. I know I mentioned recently the issues I’ve been having and it’s now come to a point that I’m going to have to send it away and get it resolved. I was doing all… Read more »

Happy Father’s Day!

Just a quick post to wish the fathers in my life a Happy Father’s Day… My dad, my husband, my brother and my Heavenly Father. Hope today has been a great Father’s Day. And of course, I can’t post without a few pics… Remember my friend that I photo swapped with back in the early… Read more »

Meet the J Family!

This past weekend (yes, I am behind on my sneak peeks) I met the J family. Mom actually works with some of my past clients and that is how she found me. There was actually one session in particular that she really liked and wanted something just as special for her family. We were able… Read more »

Super Mini-Session!

When Mr. A came to see me a few weeks ago to capture his first birthday, he wasn’t quite so sure of the whole photoshoot thing… He did great, but just no smiles due to a skipped nap! Which is usually what happens on picture day–something out of the ordinary! So we set aside a… Read more »

Newborn Overload…

Oh my goodness… I knew this was going to be a big sneak while I was photographing this precious newborn. She was 16 days old for our session and probably by far my favorite session to date… I probably say that after all my newborns! I think after each one I just love doing them… Read more »

6 months is oh so fun!

I think 6 month olds come pretty close to being some of my favorites to photograph. They’re smiley, they sit up, and they’re not mobile! LOL! My 2nd session of the weekend was of Mr. R. And let me tell you, that R is a cute name! Not something you hear very often if at… Read more »

Miss K is 3 mos. and oh so cute!

As you can see, I’m back in business… I guess the Mac is a little touchy lately… Once I removed a little add-on we were using, it is back to normal activities. So, this past weekend, to start out my weekend of shoots, I drove to see Miss K now that she is 3 mos…. Read more »