Monthly Archives: May 2009

Just call me a newborn photographer…

Because if you can’t tell by now, I love ’em! And lately I’ve been blessed to have many come my way… So keep spreading the word. Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of photographing a new baby girl, her big brother and her family. She was actually one of the oldest ‘newborns’ I’ve done at… Read more »

Found another smile…

And some more of my favorites from today’s session… Future business man!This one has a neat story behind it… One of the grandfathers has always given the grandkids a duck, so this is his duck…Then this is a special hat that I believe a grandmother made…Here is the other smile I caught! I told you… Read more »

Oh Happy Day!

Or should I title this one… ‘Happiest Baby on the Block’?? Either way, this little guy was so smiley! He made working on Memorial Day worth it… So sweet and precious! He let me move him and pose him and never really put up much of a fuss… Took a little break to eat and… Read more »

Happy 1st Birthday to Mr. C!

Can you believe it’s been a year? I sure can’t! Mr. C came to play today or should I say… celebrate his birthday with lots of outfits, growth items and cake. He was a happy little guy, a little more mobile than in the past, but we were fast and got what we needed to… Read more »


So here it is… Got clearance to share cuz the groom doesn’t see the blog… Wah! Just kidding–in this situation, I am just fine with not having him as a reader. LOL! I don’t think I could wait until after the wedding to share… As usual, this is a huge share… I wanted to be… Read more »

Absolutely beautiful…

OMG! This evening I shot my first bridal. What fun! I CANNOT wait to share it with you all, but first I have to edit a few (or several–okay a bunch) for the sneak peek and then I need to get the go ahead from the bride that the groom-to-be doesn’t visit my blog and… Read more »

More of Miss S…

I’m back with a bigger sneak peek of Miss S. Isn’t she precious? She really was a good little girl once we got her nice and full and warm! We were so hot, but she was nice and cozy… Here she is with her little lovie!Mom made this bow for her…I caught her mid-smile here…… Read more »

Lots of firsts…

This weekend was full of firsts… My first wedding (on my own), a couple’s first baby and a little boy’s first birthday. All great experiences and an honor for me to get to capture! So I’m going to sum it up in one post for now… I have an ever so patient client that is… Read more »

So smooshable!

Is that even a word? Well, in my vocabulary it is, cuz this guy was utterly, completely smooshable, squishy cuteness! The funny thing is that they were expecting a much smaller guy and ended up a few more pounds of smooshiness to love on–I’m sure they’re fine with that, cuz he’s a sweetie! I’m sure… Read more »

A ‘Miracle’ is ONE!

Remember this little guy?? Well, he is now one! Such an awesome thing to get to document his first birthday… He is growing by leaps and bounds and getting around like the rest of the kiddos. We had lots of fun as you’ll see from the sneak peek doing several things. We were quickly approaching… Read more »