Today is the first day of Spring??

Wow! You’d never know it, huh? It’s freezing! Kind of crazy after the past several nice days we’ve had. I hear it’s the last ‘freeze’ so that’ll be good for those that want to start those flowers and yard stuff. I can’t wait for green–ready for some spring pictures!

Well, I’m pretty much rambling… I tried out some lighting that a friend let me borrow. Caleb posed for me and I thought the two of these turned out pretty cute.

I’ve got to figure out how to get the light source lower… I’d prefer much more light in his eyes, but I think for the first time to use them, not too shabby. LOL!

I’ve got a slew of 6 month olds coming up! Can’t wait… 2 girls and a boy within the next week. Oh and the March Baby Plan Special is almost up… A little over a week left. Be sure to sign up if you plan on it so that you can qualify for that 6th session complimentary! Or tell your expecting friends about it.

I’ll be announcing April’s Special soon, so be on the watch for that. See you soon!

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  1. The Copeland Family

    He's so handsome, Jill!

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