Monthly Archives: October 2010

Big brother

Mr. J is almost 2 and he’s going to be a big brother really soon. He was such a sweet little guy! And goodness, such a good talker for not quite two. I’m sure he’s going be a grand big brother for mommy & daddy!Thank you Mr. J! I enjoyed meeting you, your mommy, your… Read more »

You’ll never guess where we were…

I’m always up for new places and when my photographer-friend, Ashlee suggested this place, I was all for it. Why not? You see, we swap holiday sessions and if she ‘sees’ something in a location, then I trust her eye. And most places you’d never think of are actually hidden gems for photography. Even cemeteries!… Read more »

It will be here before you know it…

Taking these pics today made me realize that Christmas is right around the corner! It really is… It’ll be here before we know it! These two girls have been on my blog before–a couple times actually! This time we decided to do something a little more ‘studio’ should we say… All dressed up!Secrets… Secrets only… Read more »

Almost didn’t happen…

Yep–this session almost didn’t happen. The forecast was calling for thunderstorms all day… 80% coverage! We decided to make the trek and head over to the planned destination and see what the weather would do. So far, so good. Almost time for my client to be there and wham–it starts to sprinkle, then it starts… Read more »

Little Man and his Momma

Today I met a cute Little Man and his Momma… He plays soccer and even got a medal for being a fast runner! He was quite the fun little guy too–smiled when he needed to and ran around when we were going from spot to spot. Not bad for a big guy like him! Meet… Read more »

Can’t help myself…

I seriously can’t. I go through a session trying to narrow down my favorites for a sneak peek and wind up with 20+ images! I tell parents that their sneak peek will have about 5-10 of my favorites and every single time I go over. Oops! Oh well… Mr. W was no exception. He was… Read more »

Speaking of gorgeous…

This baby girl is one special little girl… She is now 69 days old and has been home for 3 of those days. She was born at 35 weeks 6 days with gastroschisis (a birth defect in which an baby’s intestines stick out of the body through a hole in the abdominal wall.) There is… Read more »

This baby is gonna be gorgeous!

Just look at her parents… I met up with J&B this weekend to capture some belly pictures before the Little Miss is here. She’s due in about 4 weeks, but we’ll see if she holds out that long! We did a combo shoot–started at the house for some ‘studio’ shots and then headed to a… Read more »

Mini #3

My final mini session yesterday wrapped up with the G family! I haven’t seen baby A since I did her newborn session and now she is a sitting baby girl. They are such a loving family with probably some of the best behaved boys I’ve ever met. Their Aunt S also came by for a… Read more »