Gorgeous multiplied by two…

Yep–today I was photographing more gorgeous people. Miss C was due for her next session in her baby plan and this time she brought her big sister! We braved the heat for an early morning session, fed the ducks and managed to not fall into the water. 😉

I’m sure you’ll recognize Miss C. This is her 4th session in her plan, so one more to go and she’ll be one!

The ducks were quite fond of us after the Gerber Puffs were passed around.

There’s that big girl!

Huge swan!

The little white duck (on the rock) and his pal were like little puppies. They followed us everywhere.

Pretty blue eyed girl!

She’s standing tall…

Such a cutie!

Look at her standing all by herself… I’m betting she’s walking before her one year session!

So while Miss C took a break, we snapped some of big sis… Who is also a Miss C!

Okay, is she not stunning? She really wasn’t too into the pics, but I think we got some great ones and you’d never know!

Anyone want to guess how old she is?

There’s those sisters together! Baby girl was getting ready for her nap, so in went the thumb. So sweet!

Some lovin’!

So serene!

Thank you C sisters! We survived the heat and managed to get some great stuff. I hope you enjoy your sneak peek and I’ll be in touch soon!

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