Degrees that is… It was a 102 degrees yesterday according to my vehicle when I arrived at this shoot. Thankfully there was a slight breeze and some shade to combat that heat. And Miss G rocked it…

She was snoozing when she got there, but withing minutes this is what she gave me…
Not bad for just getting out of the car and waking up. LOL!

Some mommy and me…

Daddy’s little girl!

Just wanna squeeze those legs!

She was contemplating here…

The family…

Love this tunnel… Makes the neatest pics!

Standing so tall!

I tell ya–I think mom picked the perfect outfit for those eyes… And I promise I didn’t know what it was before I got there either. I’m so glad I brought the chair!

Sweet baby lashes…

So cute~even with her serious face.

Love it!

Playing with mommy’s bracelet.
Thank you G family! We survived the heat-whoa, was it hot! Miss G is a pro at this picture taking stuff. Can’t believe our next session will be for her one year shoot!

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