So here it is… Got clearance to share cuz the groom doesn’t see the blog… Wah! Just kidding–in this situation, I am just fine with not having him as a reader. LOL! I don’t think I could wait until after the wedding to share…

As usual, this is a huge share… I wanted to be able to show all the stuff we did… Some may be redundant, but there’s at least something different in every picture. We did traditional, fun and even some sexy! I can say that, can’t I?

This is a new vintage action I’m trying out. WDYT?

This guy was silly–he came running up out of nowhere and I just thought maybe he knew her, but nope… He just wanted in the picture!

A little sassy fun with the sunglasses!

The wind caught her veil here and I just happened to be ready to shoot–had to catch it in action!

You know how much I love my chair… So this next set is some of my favorites!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one!

And how pretty does she look here?!

Thank you Miss G, soon to be Mrs. K! I can’t wait for your big day…

2 Responses to “B-E-A-U-T-F-U-L!”

  1. Elizabeth

    LOVE it! They look great! Sexy classy…well done.

  2. ThreeRingCircus

    OOH! I like the one of her sitting on the grass with you above… that one is AWESOME! I also like the chair pic of her leaning forward (no hat) with the boots showin’.

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