Oh Happy Day!

Or should I title this one… ‘Happiest Baby on the Block’?? Either way, this little guy was so smiley! He made working on Memorial Day worth it… So sweet and precious! He let me move him and pose him and never really put up much of a fuss… Took a little break to eat and then we went right back to finish up the last set of poses. Smiling the entire time.

I’m only posting the smiley ones for now… I just had to share them–these are literally how happy he was the entire time. I’m posting them in the order I took them and the last picture of him with mom was literally one of the last shots I took, so he continued to smile the entire time.

This was the first smile I caught… with a little vintage action on it.

My absolute favorite one! Doesn’t he have the best smile? He has dimples too!

More smiles!

So happy to be in mommy’s arms…

Check back later for a bigger sneak! I wanted to go ahead and do a smiley post first, but I’ll be back with a bigger sneak–maybe even tonight!

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