More of Miss S…

I’m back with a bigger sneak peek of Miss S. Isn’t she precious? She really was a good little girl once we got her nice and full and warm! We were so hot, but she was nice and cozy…

Here she is with her little lovie!

Mom made this bow for her…

I caught her mid-smile here… She was in and out of sleep here, but I’m still glad I caught that smile!

One of my favorite poses to do!
And you know I love close-ups. Love her profile, fingers and toes in this one. This is a soft & faded action that I use from time to time…

In mommy’s hands.

Look at her Diva slippers!

I can imagine this reminds her of being in her mommy’s tummy–all curled up!

In Daddy’s hands.

Then one last fun shot that mom wanted to try! I love incorporating the house into the shot… Doesn’t she look so tiny here?

Thank you again! I’ll be in touch soon when the proofs are ready.

2 Responses to “More of Miss S…”

  1. ThreeRingCircus

    OH MY GOSH!!! Jill, the one on the piano is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
    You’re just so so so so so talented.

  2. Amy

    Looks like you’ve gotten lots of new props. Movin on up!

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