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A Tooth! Or lack of…

Miss Maddie is quite a hoot! She has now lost 3 teeth. And would you believe she has pulled every one of them herself? The first one was at home and now the last two have been at school. I snapped some pictures the other day to remember how she looked after loosing a top… Read more »

So new…

I had the pleasure of photographing Mr. A today. He was absolutely wonderful! Rarely a peep and just went with the flow. Little man didn’t want to sleep though at first. Mama said he slept all the time, but today he thought he’d prove her wrong. I was focusing on his little hands in this… Read more »

Back-tracking to Valentine’s Day

One of my favorite things to do besides taking pictures is making cards out of those pictures. Since Maddie is in Kindergarten this year, we decided to make custom Valentine’s Cards. It was actually quite an event to get some pictures because it was so cold (and wet) prior to then. We finally had a… Read more »

Had to be the BOY!

So with Maddie we started cereal with her at 4 months. She was our first and we were excited to experience the firsts as soon as possible. She wasn’t ready much to our surprise… I don’t think she was ready until closer to 6 months. So with Haidyn, we waited. After researching we discovered it… Read more »

One down… two to go!

I actually accomplished one of my goals for this month! I took Caleb’s 6 month pictures. Woo-hoo! I’m still editing them, but I’ll post a few that I’m done with. And actually there are a few more poses I want to do now that I’m done, but at least I got these done. Haidyn was… Read more »


So I’ve been challenged or should I say motivated to update more often. It seems as if more and more people I know are blogging, so I figured I better step up to the plate and do my share. I’ve set 3 small goals to complete the month of March. Take Caleb’s 6 month pictures… Read more »