One down… two to go!

I actually accomplished one of my goals for this month! I took Caleb’s 6 month pictures. Woo-hoo! I’m still editing them, but I’ll post a few that I’m done with. And actually there are a few more poses I want to do now that I’m done, but at least I got these done. Haidyn was my helper and believe it or not, he smiled in almost all the pictures!

So here you go…

This last one is probably my favorite because it shows his blue eyes. I’ve got lots more to edit, so be on the look out for more pics.

I’m also adding one more goal…

  • A group picture of the kiddos

Oh and for those of you wanting to get better pictures of your kids, family, etc. Let me tell you my setup… Breakfast nook, kitchen table, black sheet, and a sunny day with the blinds open. Well, and then a little photoshop to fix the wrinkles in the black sheet. So see… you don’t need all that fancy stuff (most the time)! All manual settings and natural light (no flash). Enjoy!

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  1. Two Sisters

    What a cutie pie! You did a great job!!!


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