Had to be the BOY!

So with Maddie we started cereal with her at 4 months. She was our first and we were excited to experience the firsts as soon as possible. She wasn’t ready much to our surprise… I don’t think she was ready until closer to 6 months. So with Haidyn, we waited. After researching we discovered it was best to start solids at 6 months due to their guts not being truly developed and ready. Well, she wasn’t ready! It was closer to 8 months that she was wanting to explore her palate.

Fast forward to the 3rd child. Caleb… THE BOY! We waited until 6 months (and two weeks). We wanted to make sure his tummy was ready, he was sitting really well, etc. So we tried rice cereal this week (organic) mixed with a little breastmilk. He is a champ! He liked it from the first bite! So every night now he has ‘dinner’ with us and if you don’t shovel it in his mouth fast enough he fusses. Such a boy! They recommend like a tablespoon of breastmilk to however much cereal to make it liquidy… well the BOY went from a tablespoon the first night to 2 oz. of breastmilk mixed with a ton of cereal! LOL!

Here’s some pictures of his first experience…

Anticipating the first bite
Not so bad…
It is really good…
See Dad… I can eat too!
Ahh… success!

Looks like I’ll be going to the store for more cereal and maybe some fruits and veggies for next week. I’m still debating making my own babyfood though… Like I have time for that with 3 kiddos! Do you make your babies’ food or have you?

ETA… These pictures were taken by Kevin since I was obviously the one feeding him.

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  1. Jen G.

    Jill…love the new logo! Very chic! And, no…still the old camera. I really need to get serious about getting a new one. I keep missing the good shots!

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