Back-tracking to Valentine’s Day

One of my favorite things to do besides taking pictures is making cards out of those pictures. Since Maddie is in Kindergarten this year, we decided to make custom Valentine’s Cards. It was actually quite an event to get some pictures because it was so cold (and wet) prior to then. We finally had a day of sun and decided last minute to take some pictures outside on the driveway.

We started with this… Just too bright! I couldn’t get her to quit squinting.

And then she wouldn’t smile right!

Then finally we ended up with this! Here is the front.

Then the back.

I had these printed on 4×5 cardstock with UV coating. They turned out great! I wish I would have done them sooner so I could have used them to advertise for others Valentine’s Cards.

So keep that in mind! I can create any occasion card you are needing. Any holiday, birthday, thank-you, showers, parties, etc. The options are limitless.

2 Responses to “Back-tracking to Valentine’s Day”

  1. Two Sisters

    That is the cutest V-day card I’ve ever seen! Great job, mom. You did have a pretty cute subject, though:).

  2. Aunt Linda (Turner)

    Jill, you are soooooooo creative! And Maddie looks adorable! Good job!

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