Speaking of gorgeous…

This baby girl is one special little girl… She is now 69 days old and has been home for 3 of those days. She was born at 35 weeks 6 days with gastroschisis (a birth defect in which an baby’s intestines stick out of the body through a hole in the abdominal wall.) There is no known cause for gastroschisis, and occurs in 1 in every 2500 births. She was born with quite a large amount of her intestines on the outside of her body, and it took 4 surgeries to completely place them all inside of her body. She had 6 surgeries total and after that is ‘fixed’ as they say. Six and fixed! Yay!

Okay, well, I know you’re here for pictures, so I won’t delay anymore. Miss A is a beautiful little girl–I can only imagine how gorgeous she’ll be as she grows up. Enjoy the abundance of pictures!

Sweet smile…

Her mommy makes these fantastic headbands!

Another tiny little smile!

Look at those lashes…

Her face is the perfect image of beauty.

Love this next set… Awake!

Getting sleepy!

And she’s out!
Precious girl…

Love–another great creation by her mommy!

Then we wrapped it up with some pics with mommy & daddy. These are a little more dramatic lighting than what I do for newborns, but I liked it for these!

Pure joy.

Beautiful mommy!


Thank you D family for giving me this opportunity. I am honored to be able to photograph her… I know you know some fantastic photographers out there, and I hope I was able to capture her beauty and innocence like you imagined.

3 Responses to “Speaking of gorgeous…”

  1. Jennifer

    Jill, you brought tears to my eyes! LOVE THEM!

  2. Kayla

    I've seen a lot of beautiful babies but wow! She is gorgeous! And what an incredible story she already has to tell. What a blessing.

  3. Sylvia Livaudais

    Just BEAUTIFUL—precious, precious perfection of a baby! Gorgeous family.

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