You’ll never guess where we were…

I’m always up for new places and when my photographer-friend, Ashlee suggested this place, I was all for it. Why not? You see, we swap holiday sessions and if she ‘sees’ something in a location, then I trust her eye. And most places you’d never think of are actually hidden gems for photography. Even cemeteries! Yep–we were at a cemetery. Well, right outside the entrance, but heck, it worked!

See for yourself! Oh and Ashlee–I sure hope I was able to capture what you were looking for… It’s always a little nerve-jostling when you’re shooting another photographer. 😉

Beautiful family!

Isn’t he a cute guy?

So much fun!

Love this one, but…

I think this might be my fav!

Some of the big guy!

Have to say that I love this one too!

It was good seeing you, Ashlee! Mr. L is as cute as ever and I hope the hubby’s leg/foot is doing better soon. Can’t wait for our session!

2 Responses to “You’ll never guess where we were…”

  1. Ashlee Dawn

    Jill, you've blown me away! Thank you, thank you! I can't wait to do your family's next week!

  2. Anonymous

    OH MY GOSH!!!! I LOVE the ones of the family under the tree!!!! love love love it!

    ` ~ Heather G.

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