Miss K is 3 mos. and oh so cute!

As you can see, I’m back in business… I guess the Mac is a little touchy lately… Once I removed a little add-on we were using, it is back to normal activities.

So, this past weekend, to start out my weekend of shoots, I drove to see Miss K now that she is 3 mos. old. She was so cute and smiley! It was quite cute too that she konked out in the middle of our session. Who knew I’d be able to get some of those sleepy shots we usually see with newborns. Then she woke up, had a snack and we were able to get a few more.

First, we started outside just to get a quick family shot in her dress that her grandmother made… The detail is just gorgeous!

A quick shot in her room… You might be able to see the detail on the neckline a little better here…

Her ‘K’ bow!

We had fun just switching out bows and shooting different shots!

I love profile shots! You can see her perfect little button nose!

Here is where she zonked out… I wanted to try some new props (a wrap and crochet hat) and she thought it was nap time! How precious is she?

Quick bow change and blanket change…

I love how she’s holding her little hands here…

Had to try the ‘newborn’ pose again with the little hat.

Diva in yellow!

Some family time…

Daddy and baby since he was working when we did her newborn session!

Sweet mommy and me pose!

Last, but definitely not least–shot with Lamby (her lovie)!

Thanks for looking! And thank you for being patient while I worked out the kinks in my computer issues. Be sure to stay tuned… I have 3 more sessions from this weekend to share sneaks from once I get them edited!

3 Responses to “Miss K is 3 mos. and oh so cute!”

  1. The Copeland Family

    Good job…what a great newborn to work with…she's gorgeous!

  2. Bartolomeo Photography

    Oh wow- 5 and 9 are def my favs. Oh I love NB but Ive only done one =( I have another coming up, can't wait .Did you use natural lighting?

  3. Jill Cornelius

    Thank you! Yes, this was all natural light. I occasionally use my speedlight for fill and bounce it, but this day it wasn't working, so I made do with the natural light.

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