Mr. Eyes… Oops! I mean Mr. C is 6 months…

Mr. C invited me to come see his new tricks this past weekend… He turned 6 months old and is sitting like a pro! I swear he has the most gorgeous eyes I have seen on a baby… Watch out mom and dad–the girls will be knocking on your door!

Mom had seen the little blue car I’ve been using and asked me to bring it along for his session… You see, daddy is into cards and Mr. C’s room is actually done in an antique car theme. So what better prop, then the little blue car!

So first we started out with the car…

Check him out driving the car… His expression is priceless!

These are some of his cars from his room…

Check out those lashes!

His blanket that we’ve been photographing him with since he was 6 days old.

His mom was playing a little game here with his burp cloth… I love that I caught his little expression!

He loved my white blankie… Come to think of it, he’s loved it every time I’ve photographed him.

Sitting tall!

Little man in the tie!

Standing with daddy! He looks like he’s one-legged, but I promise he wasn’t… He was jumping all around. He loved standing!

Thank you again for letting me capture Mr. C’s first year. He is a joy to photograph and so handsome!

I’ll be in touch to when the rest are ready!

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