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Mr. B is Back!

Mr. B was back today for a quick session and a birthday invite design. He’s going to be ONE soon! He was so excited to see me… Can you tell?? We got several shots of him for his invite. He was a great little model. It’s amazing that I get these shots in my measly… Read more »

Snappin’ Away…

Yep, here are just some snaps I’ve taken the last week or so… Sometimes I don’t want to piddle around with my settings (because it’s just a snapshot opportunity) so I just stick my camera in auto and snap a few. So here’s just a little bit of what we’ve been doing lately! Splash Park…… Read more »


So you can probably see I’m running a special for the month of July! I’m excited about this special. There will be a limited amount of sessions available, so jump on the opportunity soon! But in the meantime, tell your friends, family, strangers, etc. I’m looking forward to this because there are several types of… Read more »

The Pantry…

Remember my post not too long ago about the boy that wasn’t quite 10 months yet? Well, I finally had time to edit some proof of the destruction he creates in our house! I’d taken these pics about a month ago, but have been quite busy with client photos and have just now gotten around… Read more »

Just a swingin’…

About a month or so ago we bought Caleb a swing… Well, Kevin wasn’t home yet, so I just rigged it up so he could try it out until daddy got home. He was loving it! This is one of the many ways we pass the time waiting for him to come home for the… Read more »

Do you hear what I hear?

So the little man had surgery on Friday. He had to had tubes put in and he also had a tongue-tie repair done. The whole thing took less than 20 minutes! I think it took longer for him to wake up and come to recovery than it did for the entire surgery. When we got… Read more »

Mr. C’s Short & Sweet Session

Mr. C’s mom is a long time friend of mine and asked me to come duplicate a pose she had of Mr. C’s older sister when she was his age. So here is a sneak peek of the images I came up with. I used two different methods for the black and whites so that… Read more »

K Bar N

Many, many years ago our family went to the State Fair. And while there, we had this plaque made to hang over our gate at my parents’ house. It no longer hangs, but sits on the ground near the gate. It’s a little worn from all the years. We never had more than 2 horses,… Read more »


Nope, not the kind intended for use with your camera… The ‘get yourself out there’ kind. I’ve been taking pictures as JC-Originals for a little over 3 years now, but now that I’m not working out of the home I’ve been able to concentrate on it a lot more than before. Well, as much concentration… Read more »