The Pantry…

Remember my post not too long ago about the boy that wasn’t quite 10 months yet? Well, I finally had time to edit some proof of the destruction he creates in our house! I’d taken these pics about a month ago, but have been quite busy with client photos and have just now gotten around to editing them.

So my kids have a bad habit of leaving the pantry open. Which leads to Caleb exploring and pulling everything off the shelf. No biggie… keeps him busy while I do dishes, clean, etc., even grab the camera for pics!

Well, I must have left the kitchen to go to the other room for some reason and when I came back, I found this! Eating chips… Mind you, we didn’t start him on solids and it was baby food at that until 6 months. I don’t think chips are first foods approved!

Then about a week later, same scenario… Someone left pantry open, I allowed him to play because it keeps him busy so I can do things, I head to the other room to do something and come back to this… Lucky Charms. Lucky for him, huh?! At least these are a little ‘safer’ than chips!

I thought this pic was funny… My pantry after Caleb…

Caleb after Lucky Charms! ~~Priceless~~

I have to say, this little boy is definitely keeping me on my toes! I cannot fathom what our days will be like once he’s walking. If you think about it, go ahead and start praying for me now!

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  1. Kimberly

    In one of the pictures it looks like there is a blue marshmellow from the Lucky charms on his foot…..hehe Too cute!

  2. Jill Cornelius

    I know! Isn’t that the cutest?

  3. The Farns

    The colors are amazing…that is one happy boy.

  4. Kim Lignell

    That is too cute!!! haha… Looks like you got yourself a 100% boy on your hands!!! Welcome to my world!

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