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Maddie has a secret…

She got to be my helper today! And for the most part, she was a great helper… She was definitely able to get Mr. S to smile! I’ve been photographing Mr. S since he was 1. It’s definitely been fun to see him grow and capture all these memories for his family. Thank you Mr…. Read more »

After the storm…

Updated per request to show before and after editing. The other night we had an amazing view out the front of our house. It had briefly rained (if I remember correctly). The sun was lighting up the treeline, but it also was creating a huge rainbow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one this wide,… Read more »

How to eat an Oreo…

As told by a 3 year old… First, you get your cookie ready to dunk. (notice big sister laughing her head off) Once dunked, insert sopping cookie into mouth. (Can you see the milk dripping from her fingers and hands? We don’t play around over here!) Be sure to chew thoroughly. Ahh, yeah… Cookie mouth… Read more »

It’ll be here before you know it…

Do you have your Holiday Session booked? October is flying by faster than I can believe! I just wanted to remind everyone that Custom Holiday Cards are one of my favorite things to create, so be sure to book your session soon. Don’t send an ordinary card like everyone else… Send something unique that showcases… Read more »


I ran across this image today while searching for some family pics and thought I’d share… I didn’t take this picture, a friend did… Originally he sent me a smaller file (easier to email) and I did a little editing to it… ETA: Well, after posting this last night he sent me a larger file,… Read more »

Pumpkin Playdate

So the kiddos and I went to town today to meet some friends for a Pumpkin Playdate. I hate to admit in all my years of being a parent, I’ve taken my kids to the Pumpkin Patch once and that was when Maddie was 2.5 and I was pregnant with Haidyn. So, not much of… Read more »

Meet the “L” Family!

The “L” Family was quite lovely actually! I ‘knew’ Miss “L” through a friend, but had never met the misters of the family. I had a lot of fun and they were great with the several scenery changes we did. They even let me practice a little ‘Urban’ shooting with them. I won’t keep you… Read more »

Eek! Make a mistake…

As you’ll see from my note in the post below, something went wonky when I posted the pics after using Raw. I’ve fixed the pics (well 2 of the 3–I’ll fix the other later), so go check them out! Because I did this fast, I didn’t add the black border I usually put on my… Read more »


Edited to say… Wow! I did this post late the other night and my eyes must have been tired because now I see something went wrong when I posted my edits. They are not near as sharp as I see in Photoshop. Back to the drawing board. Excuse my poor examples here… I’ll re-post the… Read more »