After the storm…

Updated per request to show before and after editing.

The other night we had an amazing view out the front of our house. It had briefly rained (if I remember correctly). The sun was lighting up the treeline, but it also was creating a huge rainbow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one this wide, actually…

Updating with a before picture (this is basically how the camera captured the scene in JPG mode). I shoot in JPG + Raw, so I have both forms… So basically all I did to the one above was adjust the temp., increase the blacks, boost the clarity all in ACR. Then I brought it to CS3, ran a USM (sharpen), watermarked it, border, and resize for web. So not a whole lot of editing.

And then when I turned around to walk back to the house, I saw this amazing skyline from the back of the house. Simply gorgeous, huh?

Updated with SOOC (straight out of camera version).

These are the reasons I love living in the ‘country’! You just don’t get these views everywhere.

So as you can see, by editing, the main thing was that by increasing the blacks, I was able to show deeper colors and more depth.

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  1. The Copeland Family

    I LOVE these pictures, Jill. I love it when the sky is stained with beautiful colors!

  2. Elizabeth

    OK, so you convinced me…there is ONE benefit to living in the middle of nowhere!

    Beautiful photos.

    I have an idea…would you be willing to post a before and after photo? I know you are a gifted photographer, but I think you are an artist as well in how your eye picks up flaws in pictures…your editing should be showcased as well. Just a thought…

  3. Jill Cornelius

    Sure! I’ll try to pull a couple together in the next day or so.

  4. Amy

    I was just thinking as I read the post and scrolled through the pictures how much I wish we lived in the country or at least on a little bit of acreage with a few trees. Beautiful shots.

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