Skates, strollers and purses!

So the other day, the kiddos and I played around in the front while waiting for Kev to get home. Maddie was trying out her new skates, Haidyn pushing one of her many baby strollers and Caleb was carrying a purse. What? Yep, you read that right… Keep looking for details…

New Skates!

Haidyn loves her strollers and babies!

Something new that Caleb has started doing… Grabbing a purse when I say it’s time to go bye-bye. Silly boy! At least in the last picture he’s showing me his rock that he picked up…

Close-ups of all 3!

One more of the little man with his high step walking…

And one more of the girlies…

It’s always fun to have these types of evenings… Granted we miss Daddy these evenings, but we still have lots of fun keeping ourselves busy!

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  1. Amy

    Did Haidyn get her ears pierced too like Maddie? Or are they just clip ons?

  2. Les and Kimberly

    I was wondering the same thing, Amy! It is definitely cute either way. 🙂

  3. Jill Cornelius

    No, they are just clip-ons. I tried to get her to get them pierced, but she chickened out. Hopefully she’ll want to do them soon!

  4. Julie Syvrud

    We find ourselves doing this outside too, waiting for Daddy to come home late sometimes. Being outside is so much easier than trying to keep him entertained inside most of the time! I’m glad the weather has cooled off enough that I can stand it!

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