A Surro Story // Birth Photography, Dallas, TX

So I recently got the amazing experience of photographing a birth…  But it wasn’t just any birth–it was a birth of not just one, but two babies that were carried by a friend of mine for a momma that couldn’t carry them.  Yep, she was a surrogate mother for twins!  And everything worked out to where I could be there for their birth.  To capture their entrance into this world and the expression on their new mom’s face.  And as I said before, it was just that…  Amazing.  She delivered in the OR just in case they needed to do a c-section, but everything went as planned.  Twins born into this world in less than 22 minutes, 2 pushes each, 2 minutes apart.  Baby B did go to the NICU for a little bit, but was doing well the next day and only on oxygen.  Oh and I was able to capture all of this on my ‘lunch break’ one day last week.  So honored and blessed to have been a part.

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