Tiny little peanut…

Just wait until you see this tiny little peanut. She was so petite. And precious. Like all newborns! I kind of went overboard preparing the sneak peek, so hopefully you don’t mind. Oh and if you’re a fan of JC-Originals on Facebook, you already know this, but I’m telling you… Pregnancy brain has hit and it’s hit hard! I got all the way to this shoot and realized that I forgot my most valuable newborn prop–my beanbag! I was too short on time and too far from a Target to get one. Well, let’s just say that I scored big when I realized the owners had two dogs and doggie beds. Perfect! Doggie beds combined with my beanbag, covered with a blanket and voila–it’s practically a beanbag! Yay! So on to the pictures…

Meet Miss G and her loving parents…

Thank you H family for having me out. Miss G was the perfect little model and I enjoyed every minute of it. I hope you love your sneak peek and I’ll be in touch soon when the proofs are ready!

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  1. Rebekah Chacon

    Jill! You are sooooo talented! I am amazed at your beautiful, artistic gift!

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