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I’ve gone over in my head time and time again on what to say or how to preface this sneak peek and I just don’t know if I have the words… I met the M Family about 2.5 years ago while daddy was on leave for a session at the Arboretum. Soon after that they all moved across seas. This past fall mom and Miss B moved home and waited for daddy’s time to be up. We had made a tentative plan to do a family shoot this year once dad came home from his leave, but things changed very suddenly this past Christmas Eve when K found out that her beloved wouldn’t be returning home. These last several months have been a blur for them, but I let her know that I’d still love to do something with her and Miss B once they were ready. We decided on meeting at the Arboretum again and doing a little bit at the waterfalls. Perfect! Mom had some ideas, I had some ideas and we were ready…

I’ll be honest–I was a tad nervous. I haven’t seen mom in person since our last shoot. I knew this could be emotional for all of us. And Miss B was now 3… We all know that little ones can have a mind of their own. I truly hope that I was able to capture this time for you K. I know it probably seemed like the day was a blur and if we had gotten anything that we had planned on was a mystery. Well, after looking through these, I really think we did. We captured your life right now… You, your beautiful daughter, the love you two have for each other and for her daddy, your husband. He did a wonderful thing, a true sacrifice and I know that he will never be forgotten. And he will live on in your hearts and in your daughter!

Thank you M Family for trusting me to capture these memories for you. I’m honored and continue to pray for your family often. I know we may never understand why things happen, but I have to say you are doing a wonderful job with beautiful Miss B.

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  1. Keith S.

    Beautifully shot and beautifully said. You certainly accomplished something with this session, though I suspect such beautiful subjects make it pretty easy.

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