Sweet Baby Boy || Newborn Photography, Dallas TX

I have this group of nurses that I met years ago–going on over 4-5 years ago and they work at a local labor and delivery. Well, I’ve photographed most of their children when they were born, their subsequent children and even their patients’ children as they tell them about me. I’m forever grateful for them. This little guy is one of my nurse’s patient’s and I’m so thankful that she told his mommy about me. Super sweet family, adorable baby boy and now I get to capture his first year. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Can you believe those awake shots? We typically want newborns asleep to just show how peaceful they are and it’s easier to pose them… Well, he was just so alert and calm for these that we snapped away and went with it. Love them! And I hope you all do too!

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