A year later…

I met Mr. B a little over a year ago for his newborn session. I was so excited when momma contacted me for a one year session. Cannot believe that it’s already been a year! It was so neat to see how much he’s changed.

Mr. B was an active little guy, but gosh, he’s been walking since he was 10 months old. He’s had lots of practice! We opted for a short outdoor session and then the rest back at the house, which included a cake smash!

Love his little walk! He was walking everywhere.

Check out those lashes!

Oh and I can’t leave without passing the ‘Most Enthusiastic Dad’ award to Mr. B’s dad. I didn’t actually see what he was doing, but it sure sounded like he was being quite the silly daddy. Oh, the things we’ll do for our kids to get them to smile!

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