The S Family

I hesitated on posting this sneak peek… It’s the last one of two baby planners for this family. I’ve known this family for almost 3 years and it’s bitter sweet to think that their newest baby is now one! Now, Mr. J and Mr. R–you tell you mommy & daddy that you want to come visit me again soon…

Big brother has a very similar picture! I promise, no babies were hurt in the making of this image.

I love this series… Testing out his cake.

No clue big brother snuck over for a bite of his own…

“Wait, what is he doing?”


Hmmm… Maybe if I give him a bite, he won’t tattle on me eating his cake…

Thank you S family… I’ve really enjoyed seeing you all over these past three years. You have two very handsome little men and I’m honored you have allowed me to capture these first few years with them.

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