Pretty little baby girl…

Miss B is about two months younger than my little guy and when I held her I realized that she is quite the dainty baby girl. She was so sweet! We snapped a few shots of big brother and sister too. They’re fairly close in age and that definitely brings some challenges to the shoot as you’ll see in an outtake that I’m going to post.

Big sis has got it down… But this was the one shot that we got big brother to lay down and by that point baby sis was crying and he blinked. LOL! We can laugh about it now!

And here is big brother–he’s two now and was a past baby planner of mine!

It was a fun shoot, momma! Can’t wait until the next one when Miss B is sitting.

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  1. Courtney

    I’m glad we got some great ones in there! It’s definitely crazier with three, ha! 🙂

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