So, I’m a little behind…

On this big guy’s sneak peek, but I’m posting it just in time for his one year ‘official’ birthday coming up on Friday. Hard to believe I met him almost a year ago… Just like his momma posted recently on FB–he’s changed so much. He went from a little guy with lots of straight dark hair to a big boy with curly blonde hair in just a year’s time. He is a walking pro too! Not slowing down for much either… Watch out momma–I have a feeling this one is going to keep you quite busy–trust me, I have one of those too and know from experience. 😉

Thank you Ms. C! I’ve enjoyed this past year and look forward to our next session!

2 Responses to “So, I’m a little behind…”

  1. Donna Cantrell

    When can I order some of these pics. They are all so good. Thanks You do such a great job!

  2. admin

    Hi Donna! Thank you–the proofs should be ready by this weekend and then you can place your order.

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