He’s ONE!

Mr. J is one now… I remember his newborn session like it was yesterday too! He’s been such a great baby planner–I’ve enjoyed watching him grow up this past year. He’s quite the cutie too with those eyes of his! He threw us for a loop though when he needed a nap earlier than usual… Poor baby was so tired and let us know it! We took a little break in between outdoor/indoor shots and it made a world of difference because he was all smiles and ready to go after his nap! Yay! I like naps too, Mr. J!

He was happy for a little while outdoors…

But that soon changed and he wanted nothing to do with being outside taking pics!

Naptime it is! And then we continued on to indoors a little while later–much better!

You can’t have a one year session without a cake smash either…

So fun! Can’t believe our year has come to an end Mr. J…

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