Don’t you love it?

Sometimes being a mom of 3 is hard. Go figure! Especially when you want a picture of all 3 looking at the camera. Well, the other day we were playing outside and I thought I would take advantage of the shade I get on my driveway in the evening. So I sit all 3 down, get them situated, backup and snap! Look at what I got… This is literally the first picture I took! LOVE IT! Just ignore the fact that I cut Maddie’s legs off… One of the downsides to having a fixed lens and not so fast momma legs. LOL!

On this picture I used a free action called Sunshine in Your Hand. But then I lowered the brightness since it was already a pretty bright picture. No sharpening done… Just resized for web. I actually haven’t sharpened any of my photos for web… Still learning CS3 and gotta look into that.

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  1. The Farns

    That is a great shot. Which lens? Fixed 50 1.4FS? That is the next one I am going to buy. Also want CS3, but still working on Elements.

  2. Jill Cornelius

    50mm 1.8 or the Nifty Fifty as they call it in the Photograher’s World. I pining over the 24-70 2.8… I love my 50mm, but sometimes you just need to zoom in and out! Thanks!

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