A beautiful baby in a beautiful park…

Today I met up with a mini baby planner for her 6 month session. I can’t believe how big she is–I tell you, she is going to be tall like her daddy. She wouldn’t even fit in my wire basket and I’ve had 9 month olds in it before! She was such a sweet little girl–especially in this heat we were enduring.

The family!

So big already!

She loves her mommy…

Her daddy too!

Pretty blues!

Love these trees! So neat!

So cute!

Checking out the fountain.

We’re keeping the theme of pearls that we did at her newborn session and decided to do it again.



Then this is her adorable blanket that matches her room.

Amazing that this was her just 6 months ago!

Thank you T family! It was good seeing you all again. And a big thank you to Aunt R for helping get all these great smiles.

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