Little Mister…

I think I’ll call Mr. M, Little Mister. It kind of fits him… He is just a smiley, happy, go-lucky little guy. He smiled when I got there, in between setting changes, when I was leaving, etc. Just non-stop. Love it! It’s hard to believe that he’s already 6 months old now. He learned to sit just in time too.

Check him out!

Does he not have the best smile?

His little teefies!

Love baby booties! Especially chunky booties!

He has a foot in the mouth trick, but he wasn’t feeling it today. I still think this one is quite cute!

Love it!

This expression cracks me up!

Standing tall…

These next few are for dad…

See his dimple?

Then we wrapped up the session with some mommy time…

Love all of these!

Thank you Little Mister… You were such a big boy and such a good sport. I enjoyed playing with you today and can’t wait until next time!

2 Responses to “Little Mister…”

  1. Ryan Everhart

    Amazing! Thank you very much Jill!

  2. Heather Arellano

    Very CUTE! Mason looks like a mini Ryan! Love the neeked one with his butt reflected. Love chunky babies.

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