Meet Miss A–12 days old…

Miss A’s daddy contacted me last week to let me know his wife and him had welcomed a new baby girl into their world the week before. You see, I have this awesome group of labor and delivery nurses that found me and they continue to share their pictures that I have taken to everyone that comes their way. Such an honor!

So, back to Miss A. She was a surprise! How neat is that?! I never could wait… I had to know what my babies were, but I think it would be so neat to experience the surprise.

So here she is… She’s a petite thing with long legs!

Isn’t she tiny?

Love her sweet face!

Little vintage baby.

This blanket was actually dad’s blanket when he was a baby. It had been saved all these years!

I caught a tiny smile! *You can tell how tiny she is here, by how big the flower is on her!

She has a really neat safari room. How cool are these animals?

In Daddy’s hands…

A miracle for sure…

I love how she’s looking right at mommy!

Daddy’s little fan!

Thank you E family! It was a joy to meet you guys… Miss A is precious and I can’t wait to see her at our next session. Congrats!

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