Tu-Tu Cute!

So besides photography, I like to make things. I recently tried my hand at making a tu-tu. A no sew tu-tu. It was quite easy! We actually made this for a Birthday present, but had to try it on and take pictures to document it.

Here is Haidyn modeling it for me.

So tu-tu cute! Don’t you think? I’d love to make one for your little one or as a gift. Get with me on prices and specifics and we’ll make it happen!

I also like to make burp cloths. I’ll have to post pics of those the next time I make some.

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  1. The Farns

    She’s a QT…the color is incredible. As always great shots.

  2. Angela

    She is adorable. We don’t need any tutus over here (wouldn’t the Mr flip over that one!!) As it is, Ethan’s favorite color is pink and his favorite movie (up until just a few weeks ago) was The Little Mermaid!!

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