Today was the first rain make-up session from this past Saturday. So glad that we rescheduled… Even though it never poured on Saturday, it had rained the night before and we didn’t want to risk soggy ground. It also gave this mommy the opportunity to find the most adorable outfit… Yay! I’m sure you’ll recognize this baby planner… It’s Miss K–She’s 9 months old now!

This was her signature pose today… Either she’s telling us she’s almost 1 or she’s pointing–I’ll leave it up to you to decide. 😉

So cute…

Love how the colors coordinate with the beautiful scenery!

Hansel & Gretel’s House

Loved, LOVED, the water! She actually cried when we would take her away.

I told you!

The most squeezable cheeks!

Doesn’t she look angelic looking at the fountain? Then the tippy toes–so cute!

Baby blues…

Her growth item–the bow! She’s getting so big…

She was such a big girl standing there… She didn’t want to get down.


“What’s that?”

Ahh, she’s even a little shy!

Thank you C family! It was a beautiful day for the park–I enjoyed it… Miss K was good as usual. She just continues to get more and more cute–not to mention big!

2 Responses to “Colorful…”

  1. d-

    love it…those eyes…those layers and layers and layers of dress, the flowers and head band and flowers in the back ground…these are too die for cute.

  2. ThreeRingCircus

    WHOA! You got a bunch of KILLER shots! The eyes on that lil' angel! My fave is Hansel and Gretel's house :).

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