The Irony…

Interesting enough, a year ago today, I posted this–Rain, Rain, Go Away… How fitting since today I was saying the same thing! Today was supposed to be the first of many outdoor sessions scheduled at the Arboretum. I actually had 3 on the books for this morning and then an urban scheduled for the afternoon. Well, all week they had been calling for rain, but I kept telling everyone that let’s wait it out and go for it unless it is actually raining. I think I got little sleep last night wondering if we would get to actually shoot or not. Watched the forecast this morning, got a call, made a few others and we decided on rescheduling the shoots. It had rained during the night and we figured that the grounds might be too wet to do some fun stuff and we didn’t want to be so limited with the potential the Arboretum has. Darn!

So–Be on the watch for the first of many shoots to come! I think I have 3 trips scheduled for that location with 4 different families in addition to a couple baby planners turning one.

I’m ready, so let’s get the April Showers on out of here!

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