Those eyes…

Mr. L has some of the most handsome eyes… He’s a baby planner of mine, so you probably will recognize him. He’s now 7 months old and sitting like a pro. As you have probably been able to tell, several of my baby planners are very close in age, so it’s neat seeing each of them hitting these milestones together.

We did some fun stuff and worked as fast as we could since we knew naptime would get there before we knew it. I think we got some mighty cute stuff too!

His sweet profile!

Little elf…

Little man!

Daddy’s little man!

Standing tall.

I love this one–aren’t his eyes gorgeous?

The family…

This series called for a collage… Love his many expressions and then him looking up at his parents!

Cute little vest–so popular with the little boys lately!

Drummer in the making–music is in his blood!
Sleepy time… We tried to see how far we could push him–we still had a couple of things we wanted to do, but once he saw his blankie and monkeys, he was ready for naptime. So sweet!

Thank you R family! Hopefully Mr. L got a good nap and was a happy boy the rest of the day for you two. Have a great Thanksgiving and I’ll be in touch.

2 Responses to “Those eyes…”

  1. russ and jess

    Wow, these pictures look soooo great! You do such a great job! Thank you.

  2. ThreeRingCircus

    OMG I love him. I have enough kiddos, but seriously…makes me want more!! He is precious!! And once again, Jill…your photos are amazing. Every single one of those should be blown up poster size.

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