A blessing…

All babies are blessings, but this one in particular is an even more special blessing… A blessing to a family that wasn’t expecting to add a new one, but we all know that things don’t happen as we plan. They happen according to His plan.

Congrats ‘H’ Family! There is a special place for people like you and I’m grateful there are people out there like you. The little guy couldn’t have found better parents than you!

Here he is…

Look at how tiny he is in my basket!

Isn’t this the most precious thing? You can still see the little leftover milk on his mouth…

Perfect profile!

Christmas came a little early at the ‘H’ house!

Thank you H family for letting me come capture Mr. W’s newborn stage! He was an dream to work with… A blessing to many!

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  1. Leslie

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful baby! I love your work.

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